About Us

Maulvi Farjand Ali College of Law  is an institution established by a well renowned group in education sector; Tara Devi Educational & Welfare Trust with the object to provide high quality education in the rural domain.  Maulvi Farjand Ali College of Law has an impressive array of academic, sports and cultural facilities.

If you are looking for more than a bachelor’s degree, then consider the concurrent degree program. Maulvi Farjand Ali College of Law  has intake of 60 students. It is providing 3 years degree course with six semesters. Affiliation and the recognition of the college is under process with Allahabad State University and Bar Council of India. The primary focus at Maulvi Farjand Ali College of Law is not only on equipping the law graduates with a well-qualifying professional degree but also on preparing them for the real world of legal affairs. The students are planned to be exposed to the live court cases thereby giving them a feel of the actual proceedings. The program offered is highly innovative and commendable on the strength of being comprehensive and result oriented.
It is determined to be one of the finest institutions of India and has all the requirements that a college needs to strive ahead.
The College remains strong and resolute in these trying times of a competitive and commercialized nature of legal education by holding on to its institutional ethos and due to the strength of its rich heritage and professional character, thus fulfilling its objectives of training not just the finest of the legal practitioners but also by nurturing professionals and thinkers in every sphere of society.